Rehabilitation & Disability

Occupational Therapy plays an important role in the area of Rehabilitation. Hand and upper extremity, brain injury, stroke, amputations, hip replacement, spinal cord injury, chronic disease and developmental disabilities, are one of many conditions where an occupational therapist helps people of all ages to manage their limitations. An Occupational therapist perform evaluations, provide treatment, and determine the level of assistance or assistive equipment the person may need to increase function. Occupational therapists assist in the recommendation of assistive equipment, provide family education, modified environment, and possible adaptations to facilitate their independence in activities of daily living, meaningful activities, and improving the quality of their life. An occupational therapist can provide treatments and services in private clinics, hospitals, health care facilities and home settings. For more information please visit The American Occupational Therapy Association

Written by: Madeline Feneque (NJOTA Member)