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Project Survey Title:
OT Practitioners Perceptions of Marijuana Use

Project Description:
The purpose of this study is to measure OT practitioners’ current level of knowledge of medicinal marijuana, its delivery methods, adverse effects, and attitudes towards medical marijuana use in their clients’ daily lives.The student researcher will use a quantitative survey design consisting of 16 questions. The survey is made up of six nominal, eight ordinal, and two ratio questions. Four questions are open ended and 12 are multiple choice.This study is deemed exempt by the Worcester State University Institutional Review Board, and has no known risk to the participant. There are no direct benefits to the participant, however this is an educational opportunity. By completing this survey the correct answers to questions pertaining to marijuana use, its affects and delivery methods are given.The student researcher kindly asks that the following paragraph accompany the survey link when posted:"A current occupational therapy graduate student at Worcester State University is researching OT practitioners' perceptions of medical marijuana use in their clients' daily lives. If you are a current OT practitioner working in New Jersey and interested in taking the survey please click the link below. This survey has been approved by the Worcester State Institutional Reviewed Board.

Link to Survey or Website:
Click Here for Survey

Expiration Date:
January 2020