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Project Survey Title:
Occupational Therapy Literacy Survey

Project Description :
The AOTA Literacy Community of Practice is conducting this survey nationwide to gather practitioner feedback about their engagement with literacy in their practice. This short survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete and is essential to the work of this Community of Practice as we move toward research as part of our goal to measure OT’s role in literacy as a practice area across populations and throughout the lifespan of clients. Please include the only following script and Google doc link in your message. It is the survey script approved by the IRB through Eastern Kentucky University. Title of Project: Occupational Therapy Literacy Survey As part of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Literacy Community of Practice, we are collecting information about OT practice across the Lifespan. If you are an OT practitioner, we would like to invite you to complete this short survey at this link This is anonymous and identifying information will not be collected. Completing the survey indicates consent. For any questions or concerns related to this survey, contact Dr. Leslie J. Hardman [email protected]. Thank you

Link to Survey or Website:


Project Survey Title

Research Study on Neurotechnology

Project Description
The researchers at Thomas Jefferson University request your participation in a 20 to 30-minute survey if you meet these criteria: •Assess and treat individuals with neurological conditions such as: Spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological conditions. •Encounter patients where surgery and neurotechnology have been used to treat physical impairments of the upper limb. Neurotechnology means any rehabilitative treatment that uses advanced technology such as electrical stimulation, magnetic stimulation, brain computer interfaces, powered braces, myoelectric braces, etc. Bringing these advances into practice can be beneficial but also challenging. Your opinion is needed to help us understand the facilitators and barriers for these treatments that YOU experience. The results of this survey will be kept confidential. Participation in this survey is voluntary. If you have any questions about the study, please contact, Erica Witoslawski: [email protected] or Namrata Grampurohit: [email protected] would appreciate if you forwarded the survey link to other healthcare professionals in your practice setting who work with individuals with neurological conditions.

Expiration Date
June 2021


Project Survey Title:
Prevalence of Bullying and Incivility in Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Settings

Project Description :
We invite occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants in this group to take part in a research study being conducted by graduate students of the Occupational Therapy Program at Florida Gulf Coast University. The purpose of this study is to identify the prevalence and effects of bullying and incivility in occupational therapy fieldwork settings. This study is intended to be completed by occupational therapy practitioners and occupational therapy & occupational therapy assistant students.

Participants in this study will complete a 10 minute survey about their exposure to bullying and/or incivility in occupational therapy fieldwork settings. Participants will then have the opportunity to participate in a follow-up semi-structured interview about their experience with bullying and/or incivility in occupational therapy fieldwork settings upon completion of the survey. This interview would occur at a later time at the participant’s convenience. To protect participants from the sensitive subject of this study, OT and OTA students are exempt from the interview and will only complete the anonymous questionnaire.

This study has been approved by the Florida Gulf Coast University’s Institutional Review Board and has been assigned the Protocol number: 2020-23

Link to Survey or Website: