2024 Annual Conference Call for Papers

NJOTA's Call for Papers is open for our annual fall motivate conference!
Conference will be held in person at Monmouth University on Saturday November 2nd, 2024.
We are accepting proposals for short courses (1 hour), workshops (3 hours), and posters. 
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URGENT! Contact Congress and ask them to prevent Medicare Cuts to Occupational Therapy

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School Based Community of Practice Open to All

NJOTA will host a school based community of practice for occupational therapists working in New Jersey public schools during the school day. This will be open to members and non-members. 
The meetings are as follows:

Wednesday January 31st 2:00-3:00    Topic: Assessment

Thursday March 28th 2:00-3:00    Topic: Documentation

Friday May 31st 2:00-3:00    Topic: What Worked This Year?

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Mission Statement

The New Jersey Occupational Therapy Association strives to provide excellence in educational, legislative, and professional networks and services for our membership, promoting the highest quality care for our clients and the community in the state of New Jersey through maximizing well-being and facilitating participation in everyday activities.

AOTA–NBCOT® Joint Initiative: Developing the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact

AOTA and NBCOT staff recently collaborated to write a Health Policy Perspectives column in AJOT regarding the licensure compact initiative.
The article is open to all, so please feel free to share the link with anyone that might be interested.
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NJOTA's Statement in Response to Inspire 2023

We are aware of statements and actions that occurred during the AOTA Inspire 2023 conference which caused harm to individuals in attendance and those words continue to reverberate, harming members in the larger OT community. We call upon our national organization (AOTA) to practice critical reflexivity, engage directly and transparently with the membership to take actions to repair the damage caused in the reported incidents at Inspire 2023 and generate solutions that foster inclusivity, belonging, and accountability.
New Jersey Occupational Therapy Association (NJOTA) Board of Directors is committed to standing up against systems, institutions, and structures that perpetuate the oppression of others and cause harm, whether the harm is intentional or unintentional, conscious, or unconscious, covert or overt. Action and accountability are required to develop sustainable changes that dismantle systems of racism and oppression.
NJOTA Board of Directors asks that AOTA provide a clear and detailed description of the complaints made during AOTA Inspire 2023 to offer context to membership for full transparency. Furthermore, AOTA should immediately explain to the membership and the OT community at large what specific actions were taken when the organization “responded promptly, treated seriously, and addressed confidentiality.” We believe that for AOTA to truly be “intentionally inclusive and equitable and embrace diversity in all its forms” AOTA must outline all actions that will be implemented for truth and racial healing specific to the comments made by AOTA past President Carolyn Baum if we are to achieve Vision 2025.


Special Interests Groups

The NJOTA special interest groups exist to help practitioners network, share information and expertise, and generally monitor best practice in particular practice areas. They are only as successful as the participants make them. Groups can be started and supported by NJOTA; just contact the Chairs of the Practice Committee.
Membership in the SIGs is a benefit of membership in NJOTA.
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