Now what the heck is Student September?!?!?!

This September, as all the OT and OTA students return to school, NJOTA wants to focus on our Student members and Student followers.

So we have enacted Student September- the month where we will have OT/OTA students and OT/OTA programs answering all your questions about being a student, about becoming an occupational therapy practitioner, about applying to schools, about doing well in clinical and more. 

Q: So how can you get your Student questions answered? 

  1. The link below will take you to a Google form to ask all your burning questions. (anonymously)
    Questions for Sudents
  2.  Head over to our Instagram and comment on our ‘Student September’ post with any questions.
  3. Head over to our Facebook and comment on our ‘Student September’ post with any questions. 

Q: Where will your questions be answered?
A: On our social media pages so if you don’t follow us- now is a great time to start

Facebook –NJOTA- New Jersey Occupational Therapy Association
Instagram – @nj_ot_association

So what are you waiting for, Students? Let's get this Q & A started!