2021 Annual NJOTA Conference

REUNITE: Coming Back Together to Build and Renew Connections

The NJOTA 2020 Annual Conference will be held virtually with live sessions October 9th and 10th. Join us from the comfort of your home on your favorite screen! Recordings will be available to attendees through December 31st.

Join us to gain knowledge and insight from leaders in the profession to maximize your impact with clients. Reconnect with the value of OT and the importance of advocacy to advance our profession.

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Please note:
*Short courses will be run concurrently; the sessions not attended will be recorded.
*Poster sessions will be run concurrently in 
breakout rooms; they will not be recorded.

Saturday, October 9th
8:45am Welcome
Nancy Fong, MS, OTR/L
NJOTA Education Committee Chair
9:00am Short Course Sessions #1
A Top-Down, Client-Centered & Occupation Focused Approach: Visual Activity Sort
Katie O'Day
Caring for the Dementia Caregiver
Richard J. Bassett III
Application and Evidence for Use of the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-Based (DIR) Model Across Home, Clinic, and School Settings; New Initiatives for Children and Youth in NJ
Susan Smith-Foley, OTD, MPA, OTR/L | Natalie Kitts, OTR/L
10:15am Poster Sessions #1
Dance Participation During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Perceptions Older Adults
Victor M. Camacho, OTS, OTR/L, L.Ac. | Jocelyn Lee, OTS | Rona Mae Baluyut, OTS 
Sean Taylor, OTS | Justin Fauder, OTS

The Gap Between ADA Accessibility and Inclusivity of Playgrounds in the United States for Children and Caregivers of All Abilities
AnnMarie Murphy, OTD, OTR/L | Mollie Dawson | Kalli KaneyKaitlyn Vinals Abigail Sharrer
Improving Social-Emotional Health in Youth During Covid-19
Kelsey Mullen, OTS | Kimberly Mueller, OTS | Morgan Maksyn, OTS
Kalie Onukiavage, OTS | Leigh Wolfrum, OTS

Older Adults: Learn to Connect with Tech
Lauren Walker | Monica Lucianna | Meghan Donnelly | Giovanna Garcia | Kaitlyn Boyce
10:45am Short Course Sessions #2
Federal Regulatory Round Up: Your Role in Advocacy
Kathleen Weissberg
Neurodiversity and Inclusion - Expanding Roles for Occupational Therapists in New Jersey Schools
Deirdre Azzopardi
12:00pm Keynote Address
Reuniting with a New Perspective
Jenny Martinez,
12:45pm Lunch Break
1:15pm Short Course Sessions #3
Let's Talk About Sex, OT: Sex Toys as Adaptive Equipment
Breanne M. Grasso
Determining Appropriately Ambitious Goals for Students on IEP's
Sandra Rogers
Assessment of Sensory Integration and Processing Across the Lifespan
Douglene Jackson
Chronic Edema: Under-Recognized and Over-Looked in OT
Emily Calahan
2:30pm Poster Sessions #2
From Deprivation to Occupational Engagement: Occupational Therapy's Role in Human Trafficking
Stephanie Poma, OTS | Danielle Centi, DrOT (Contributor)
Addressing Phantom Pain Through Occupational Participation: A Qualitative Study of Support Group Participants
Victor M. Camacho
OT Interactive Community Map: Promoting Socialization Through Technology
AnnMarie Murphy, OTD, OTR/L | Kayleigh Frey | Meghan O'Neill
Caroline Prasalowicz | Gabrielle Savidge
The Occupational Therapy Practitioner's Role in Student Transition Planning for Life After High School
Catherine Campbell | AnnMarie Murphy, OTD, OTR/L
The Lived Experiences of Scuba Divers with Mobility Adaptations
Amelia Chulyakov
3:00pm Wrap Up & Thank You

*Agenda Subject to Change: Updated September 22nd at 7:15pm


Sunday, October 10th
8:45am Welcome
Felicia Chew, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA, FNAP
NJOTA President
9:00am Short Course Sessions #1
The Heart of the Matter: Exploring Community Programming for Cardiac Care
Samantha Krych, OTDS
Kids Do Well if They Can! Implementing the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Model Into Your OT Practice
Greg Santucci
Trauma-Informed Care in Women and Girls
Meryl Picard, PhD, MSW, OTR
Dr. Mara Podvey
Occupations and Occupational Therapy in Correctional Facilities
Sandra Rogers
10:15am Poster Sessions #1
Parents’ and Caregivers’ Perceptions and Preferences of Their Child’s Telehealth vs In-person Occupational Therapy Services
Mariann E. Moran | Jordyn Blaney, OTS | Solimar Chavana, OTS | Sojourna Bartholomew, OTS
Katie Hoffman,
OTS | Carli Shaw, OTS
The Effects of Covid-19 on Get FIT: Exercise, Nutrition & Social Participation Among Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities
Mary Kientz, OTD, MS | Fiona Quigley, OTS | Dana Bibeault, OTS  
M. Alysia Mastrangelo, PhD, PT | Joan Perks, PhD, APN-C, CNE
Occupational Therapy's Role in Obstetrics and Maternity Care
Chasady Wilford, OTS | Kimberly A. Furphy, DHSc, OT
Navigating Daily Occupations with Post Covid Syndrome
AnnMarie Murphy, OTD, OTR/L | Erin Richardson, OTS | Huidan Mei, OTS
Recommendations for Implementing Mirror Therapy After Amputation and Stroke
Victor M. Camacho | Jamie Provisor, OTD, OTR/L | Ashley Fuentes, OTDS
10:45am Short Course Sessions #2
The Development of an Occupational Therapy-Based Vocational Program Within Secondary Education to Assist Students with the School-to-Work Transition
Jennifer C. George, OTD, OTR, COTA
From Competence to Humility: The Evolution of Inclusive Care
John Patro
AT Aware: Providing Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practitioners Access to Assistive Technology Device Literacy
Kyla Vacchio | Mariann E. Moran | Alexandra Mendez
12:00pm Lunch Break
12:30pm Poster Sessions #2
Pediatric Occupational Therapists' Perceptions of the Efficacy of Telehealth and Job Satisfaction Before and After the Onset of Covid-19
Mariann E. Moran | Rachel Olson, OTS | Stephanie Livia, OTS | Diana Cruz, OTS
Alicia Dalia, OTS | Aekyung Kim, OTS
The Lifelong Learner: Adults with Disabilities Transitioning to Continuing Education
Kelly Malanga
Interdisciplinary Stroke Education Program in Acute Care During the Covid-19 Pandemic
David Santacroce
Understanding CRPS and Fibromyalgia: Treatment, Advocacy and Modifications
AnnMarie Murphy | Kayleigh Frey | Kimberly Mueller
Outcome Measure for Adults with Intellectual Disability and Dementia
Namrata Grampurohit | Eileen Herge, OTD, OTR/L | Kathryn Pears, MPPM 
Kathy Service, RN | Seth Keller, MD
Kid Kapable: Occupational Therapy Using Gymnastics as the Means for Change for Social Participation
Claudia Salinas
1:00pm Wrap Up & Thank You

*Agenda Subject to Change: Updated September 24th at 9pm


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